Fixing a hole in a sock

How to fix any hole in a sock. This can be applied to any sock type and a various amount of holes

You’ll need:

  • Thread of the same color as the sock
  • Tennis ball
  • Needle
  • The broken sock



  • Put the sock on the tennis ball
  • Put the thread through the needle
  • Tie a knot at the end of your needle and then insert needle on the inside of sock.

    (this way your knot will be on the inside of the sock. There are other more complicated ways to start your line where you have no knot at all, but I’m keeping it simple here)



  • Pull your thread through, leaving the knot on the inside of the sock.
  • With your needle, pick up one single stitch at the edge of the right side of your hole.
  • Pull your thread all the way through, without pulling it tight.
  • Insert your needle under a single thread to the left of the hole.
  • Pull your thread through without pulling it tight.  You’re creating a criss cross pattern on TOP of the sock.



Continue the pattern moving from left to right

  • Once you get to the top of the hole, gradually move your stitches closer together.

  • Gently start to pull the thread.  This will close up the hole.




  • Insert needle back into the spot it last came out, picking up a thread or two.
  • Pull the thread almost all the way through, leaving a small loop at the end.
  • Bring your needle back around and stick it  into the loop.
  • Pull the thread tight to create a knot.



  • Insert your needle at the top of the repair and let it come out about halfway down.
  • Pull the thread all the way through
  •  Snip the tail and the it’s done!!!



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