How it works

Are you new to and want to know how to make a repair manual? Here you will find the tutorial. matches people who can repair something to people who want to repair something. It's an easy concept; if you are good in fixing something, you can quickly and easily create a repair manual. Other users can then use that manual to perform the repair. And it doesn't matter what needs to be repaired! Clothes, cars, coffee machines, computers, mobile phones, toys and so on.

And what's so great is, is that, you can earn money with it too! We will explain how that works here, but first a little more about

You can always throw it away!

Too often and too quickly, things are thrown away because they are broken. Even more so; often times products are developed and produced in such a way that they cannot be repaired anymore.

At Jafix we think that's a shame. Often those things deserve to be given a second or third life. Because they are beautiful, have emotional value, are worth money or become worth money. Or simply because they can still function very well.

And also important, our natural energy sources and raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce and valuable.

Hence, the first and only independent international repair platform! is all about repair manuals. A repair manual explains step by step how to carry out a repair. Each step can consist of text, images, photos and movies in any order.

If you want to repair something, simply grab the repair manual on your PC, tablet or mobile and you can get started.

In addition, most repair manuals immediately contain a handy link to the missing part or something else you need for the repair.


Of course, you can find repair manuals on many websites on the internet. On YouTube, in forums, on all kinds of websites and probably also on Facebook. But at we believe that can be done much better. has been specially developed to create and share repair manuals. Neatly structured and often provided with a link to required parts or tools. Moreover; we have only just started! In the near future we will be adding a lot of cool features and we need you for that. So create or use a repair manual and let us know what you think.

Do you consider yourself an experienced fixer and have you already made a number of YouTube videos; no problem, combine and YouTube and enjoy the best of both worlds.

So: Do ​​you know everything about repairing household appliances, cars, clothes or any kind of products? Then create an account and create your first repair manual., because you can always throw it away!