The benefits of a Pro channel

A Pro channel on offers you the opportunity to put your company in the spotlight or make money with your unique repair knowledge. That is why a Pro channel gives you many more options than a free account.

How does that work?

Professional profile page

A pro channel gives you the opportunity to set up an professional profile page. On this page you can describe what you have to offer to future customers or tell about the background of your company. And of course mention your company details. You can also immediately place a number of links to your website or your webshop.This doesn't only benefit the Search Engine Optimization for you own website, but moreover, puts you in the middle of your target audience. With a good profile page they will quickly find their way to you.

You could even choose to start only a Pro channel on and point your own domain name to it. That saves a lot of hassle with building your own website.

Get started? Then create an account at now. If you already have an account, upgrade to a Pro account now. That will be extra cheap in the coming period to celebrate the opening of our platform.

But it gets better

If you start a pro channel at, you will be able to add one or more links to every repair manual you make yourself. For example for parts or tools. This can be a link to your own webshop or website, but it can also be an affiliate or drop-ship link. All income you earn with this is of course entirely for you. With a free account you cannot place links to a repair manual that you have made.

Because the visitors of regard you as an expert, they will quickly use these links.

But I already have a channel on YouTube!

Of course you can find repair manuals on many websites on the internet. On YouTube, in forums, on all kinds of websites and probably also on Facebook. But at we believe that can be done much better. has been specially developed to create and share repair manuals. Neatly structured and often provided with a link to required parts or tools. Moreover; we have only just started! In the near future we will be adding a lot of cool features and we need you for that. So create or use a repair manual and let us know what you think.

And have you already made a number of YouTube videos; no problem. Then don't throw it away! Easily record your videos in a repair manual on and combine the power of and YouTube and enjoy the best of both worlds.

And we are not there yet has even more just started. In the coming period we will expand the range for the Pro channel considerably. So if you start a Pro channel now, you will have every opportunity to think along with us about the next step and what you need as an entrepreneur.

Start right away

So: Do ​​you know everything about repairing household appliances, cars, clothes or any kind of products? Start now a professional repair channel on and earn money with your repair knowledge.