Washing a water proof jacket

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Your waterproof jacket can, of course, get dirty through use. Or it may be due for maintenance because you notice that water droplets no longer roll off like pearls but rather penetrate the fabric a bit.

With the right maintenance products, you can clean and restore the water-repellent and breathable properties of your jacket. If you do this with the appropriate products, your jacket will last much longer. And that maintenance is also very simple!

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To start, check if all pockets of your waterproof jacket or hardshell are empty.

Next, close all zippers on the jacket, including the main zipper, and ensure that any drawstrings are relaxed.

Then, thoroughly clean the soap and fabric softener compartment of your washing machine, removing any soap residues. This prevents harmful perfumes or fabric softeners from coming into contact with the jacket. These substances can reduce the water-repellent properties of the jacket.

Now the jacket can go into the washing machine. Do not put more than two garments in the machine per wash.

For up to two garments, use 100 milliliters of Outdoor BioCare Sport Textile Wash.

If you live in an area with hard water, use 150 milliliters for soft water. Information about water hardness is usually available on the website of your local water company. Always check the washing label in the jacket before washing and follow it.

The detergent in this guide can be used up to 30°C.

To restore the jacket's optimal water resistance, you need to reproof it after washing.

You don't have to dry the jacket first; just shake it out lightly and put it back in the washing machine. Also, when reproofing, do not put more than a maximum of two garments in the washing machine.

Use 100 milliliters of Outdoor Wash-In Textile Waterproofing per garment. Choose the 'Delicate' wash program at 30°C, but always check the jacket's washing label for the maximum temperature.

Spin at a maximum of 800 revolutions.

If the jacket comes out of the washing machine very wet, you can spin the jacket again at a low speed.

If the washing label allows it, you can tumble dry the jacket on a low setting. If not, place your jacket to dry on a drying rack.

Put the drying rack in your shower if you don't want wet drops on your floor.

Make sure the rack is not too close to a heat source and never let your jacket dry on a heater. If it is dry outside, you can also place the rack outside, but not in the sun.

Do not store your jacket until it is thoroughly dry. Otherwise you may suffer from mold formation.

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