Replacing the elastic in a tent pole

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The tent poles of a tent are often connected to each other with an elastic band. And elastic simply has the property of losing its stretch over time. MSR offers a replacement kit that allows you to replace the old elastic without too much effort. Not a difficult repair, but in this repair manual we have a few smart tips for you to make the repair go smoothly.

Supply needed

Warning: any repairs done are at your own responsibility.

Assemble the tent pole and measure the total length. The length of the new elastic should be approximately 0.7 x the length of the tent pole. In our case the tent pole is 220 centimeters. So we cut the new elastic to a length of 220 x 0.7 = 155 centimeters.

It is smart to briefly hold the end of the elastic above the flame of a lighter. This prevents the elastic from fraying.

Pull the pole-end out of the tent pole, possibly using pliers, but be careful not to damage it. Cut the old elastic and remove it from the tent pole and from the other pole-end.

You start by mounting the new elastic to a pole-end. To do this, first tie a regular knot in the elastic (do not tighten the knot yet). Then insert the end of the elastic through the pole-end. Then the end of the elastic goes through the knot again, after which you tighten the knot properly.

Now thread the new elastic through the tent poles. This goes smoothly for the first few, until the elastic needs to be tensioned to thread through the tent poles. However, MSR has found a solution to that. As soon as this problem occurs, tighten the elastic and clamp it with the supplied clamp. No clip because you bought an elastic yourself? Then read the tip below on how to do this using a pen.

Continue threading until the elastic is through the last tent pole. Tension the elastic and clamp it at the last tent pole so that you have about 15 centimeters of elastic. This way you can easily install the other pole-end. You assemble it in the same way as in step 3.

Tighten your knot so that it is thin enough to fit into the tent pole and let the knot slide into the tent pole.

With a new elastic, your tent pole will be firmly put together again. This makes setting up your tent much easier and more secure!

And done! What a feeling!

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