Replacing a lace tip or aglet

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A cord end, lace tip, or aglet. You know, that small piece of plastic at the end of a cord or lace from your sweater, bag, or shoe. A tiny piece of plastic, but if it's missing or worn out, it can be quite annoying. Not to be confused with a cord locker, as those are adjustable.

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Warning: any repairs done are at your own responsibility.

If there is still something left of the aglet on the cord or if the cord is frayed, cut the cord off just behind the frayed edge.

To prevent the cord from fraying again, briefly hold a lighter under the end of the cord while gently twisting it. Do not melt the cord for too long, as it may result in a thick lump at the end of the cord.

Note: This method only works with a plastic cord. Do not attempt this with a cotton cord, as it will immediately burn.

Steek het uiteinde van het koord in de eindstopper. Zorg ervoor dat het koord helemaal tot het einde van de eindstopper komt.

Insert the end of the cord into the aglet. Ensure that the cord goes all the way to the end of the aglet.

Gently squeeze the aglet shut without sliding it. Do not squeeze too hard, and do not use pliers. If you squeeze too hard, there is a risk of breaking the aglet.

Once closed, it is difficult to reopen the cord's aglet. If the aglet is not positioned correctly, you can open it with a small screwdriver and then fix it again.

And done! What a feeling!

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