Google Pixel 3A with a broken screen

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30 minutes
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This repair manual is written by Hugh Jeffreys. The link to his website can be found on the right side of this page at the link section.

This Google Pixel 3A was tossed by the previous owner, while the only problem is that the screen is broken and needs to be replaced.

In the manual, Hugh shows how to disassemble the Google Pixel 3A and fit it with a new screen. 


Warning: any repairs done are at your own responsibility.
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The film explains step by step how to remove the old screen and mount the new one.

01:09 - Heating the glue from the old screen

01:17 - Remove the old screen

01:49 - Disconnecting the cable from the screen

01:54 - Removing the old glue

02:57 - Fix the new screen


And done! What a feeling!

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